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Custom printed reflective hi vis gifts for your road safety campaign and business promotion event
Making Corporate Social Responsibility count

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Deal directly with hi vis road safety specialists for your reflective campaign gifts

Safety Standard CE EN 13356 certified compliant high vis reflectors

Full-on ce en13356 certified and compliant reflectors




We specialise in CE EN13356 certified reflective promotional gifts personalised for road safety awareness campaigns and business promotion with a passion for road safety

"GLOZONE™ full-on life-saving high vis reflectors. At better prices"

Welcome to the Northern Lights Experience!

Custom printed GLOZONE™ hi vis reflective promotional slap bands for your community relations and road safety awareness campaign



Glozone reflectors from Northern Lights Promotions are best again

Another GLOZONE™ reflectors / Northern Lights Promotions triumph:

Swiss Paralympic Team emblazoned GLOZONE™ hi-vis reflective slap wrap wristbands commissioned by the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom.

Glozone quality slap wraps from Northern Lights Promotions sported by The Swiss Paralympic Team


Glozone reflectors from Northern Lights Promotions are best again

Another GLOZONE™ reflectors / Northern Lights Promotions triumph:

Sport Relief emblazoned GLOZONE™ hi-vis reflective slap wrap wristbands commissioned by Comic Relief

Sport relief personalized GLOZONE slap wrap wristbands



Choose your reflective business gift campaign product from our range below:


Glozone reflective slap wraps for high visibility personal road safety awareness campaigns ceen1150 compliant high vis running vest sports gilet emergency road side breakdown hi vis waistcoat in own glove box pouch high vis keyring hang tags for personal road safety hi vis reflective wristbands with Velcro attachment slap wrap reflectors for personal road safety Hi vis reflective stickers for road safety campaigns reflective travel ticket wallets for oystercards  or bus tickets






Glozone quality reflectives from Northern Lights Promotions at better prices

Simply better hi vis reflectives at better prices


Glozone custom printed reflective road safety campaign bracelets in winter

Custom printed reflective road safety campaign bracelets for winter


UK best seller reflective wristband

See our GLOZONE™ hi vis reflective slap bands in the XL Winter-length model.
At two inches (5cm) longer than our Standard Model, this hi vis reflector wraps huggingly around padded overcoats.

The XL Winter Model measures 31x380mm compared with 31x320mm for the Standard Model for children and adults alike.

UK best seller reflective wristband

Our GLOZONE™ hi vis reflective slap bands in the Standard model are for children and adults alike, and remain our all year round U.K. best-seller for personal road safety and community relations as promotional gifts.


Make Corporate Social Responsibility count in your own community with FREE GLOZONE™ hi vis reflectives

Make saving lives in traffic your Corporate Social Responsibility with free Glozone™ cusomized reflectors

Make saving lives in traffic your Corporate Social Responsibility with free Glozone™ customized reflectors

See the Magna Carta of personal road safety for non- professional use


It's your turn to step up to the mark!


Fatal and life altering accidents could be avoided with free Glozone lifesaving reflectors

Fatal and life altering traffic accidents could be avoided with Glozone™ lifesaving quality reflectors



Is it your turn to step up to the mark?

A while since you did this last?

It's dark every evening over and over again and your good name and reputation is called for to make an impression in your community.

It's also an opportunity to say thank you to your customers and build your brand at the same time.

This has less to do with the weekend clocks going back than you may think. From sunset to sunrise, road safety related fatalities and life-altering accidents occur on our roads every day of the year.

Protect lives at schools and colleges where you are based.

And the road safety of people of all ages who commute to their destinations every day.

Let them all know who cares in your community.

Let us advise you on custom printing the GLOZONE™ reflective promotional gifts from our range above and join very many of the best from British industry and commerce who already appreciate the GLOZONE™ difference - Exclusively available here at Northern Lights Promotions.



Specialist printed GLOZONE™ reflective promotion gifts. The difference is in the quality:

Glozone reflectors with 3M  Scotchlite reflective material compared to standard reflectors graphic illustration

GLOZONE™ business gifts using CE EN 13356 compliant 3M Scotchlite retro-reflective material



We are wholesale suppliers of personalised GLOZONE™ reflective promotion gifts:


Where to buy GLOZONE™ reflective high-vis corporate promotion gifts, you may ask.

Here at Northern Lights Promotions, that's where. We are UK wholesalers of choice, specializing in customised reflectors as corporate gifts while passionately focusing on high visibility for personal road safety.



GLOZONE™ retro-reflective accessories are available exclusively through Northern Lights Promotions!



+ We offer bespoke hi vis promotional slap wrap bands for arms, wrists, ankles and backpacks.

+ We are UK suppliers of reflective self adhesive hi vis stickers for road safety campaigns especially developed for sticking on bicycle frames, buggies, skate-boards, scooters and mopeds. Also ideal for back-packs and more.

+ We customize hi vis reflective keyring hang tags for back packs, handbags, briefcases and other hand-luggage. Also for knitted hats and [through] trainers' shoelaces.

+ We deliver en13356 Standard compliant reflectors custom printed your way for your Corporate Social Responsibility commitments and Community Relations, and offer free delivery straight to your door, or any "door" on the UK mainland of your choosing, for that matter.

+ GLOZONE™ reflective business promotion gifts serve to underpin your reputation while saving lives in your own community.

+ Call to discuss how GLOZONE™ high vis reflectors can fit your budget and requirements.

+ GLOZONE™ lifesaving hi vis reflectives - Created from experience. All tested, certified and trusted.



Memorable Glozone reflectors from Northern Lights Promotions mark the royal occasion

Another GLOZONE™ reflectors / Northern Lights Promotions triumph:

commemorative business gift reflectors marked Her Majesty the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations:

Her Majesty the Queen's 90th birthday celebrations 2016 commemorative hi vis souveniers exclusively from Northern Lights Promotions

Commemorative hi vis gifts marking Her Majesty's 90th birthday celebrations,

Click for full image


UK # 1 specialists in custom printed reflective slap wrap bracelets > Not sourcing agents.

We offer years of trusted experience and expertise > No assumptions. No complications.


Please contact for more information on 01323 406161 or email here using this link


Beware of misleading imitations. Lives are at stake!


Glozone fun shaped lifesaving high-vis key ring key fob reflectors
GLOZONE™ fun shaped lifesaving high-vis key ring key fob reflectors


Glozone high vis reflectors are worn all year round - Even in summer
Walking home after sunset wearing a custom printed GLOZONE™ slap wrap gift.
For year-round personal protection.

The sun sets every day of the year!

This is fundemental to our passion and something we share with our customers.

See testimonials.


Cutting corners with inferior options can prove harmful to your reputation as well as to lives in traffic. Choose the right tool for the job.


Why people are choosing Northern Lights Promotions:

  • One person: You will be dealing with the same person from initial contact to receipt of delivery for convenience.

  • Quality for less: With our unique business model we are able to keep all expenditure to a minimum. This allows us to pass the savings on to you, our customer, while still offering superior quality products.

  • Compliant goods: We market only Safety Standard compliant quality goods, fit for personal road safety as well as great promotion and awareness campaigns. We wouldn't associate our name with anything less and our customers wouldn't either!

  • Life savers: We do not sell inferior, sub-standard or non-compliant goods. Our products are subjected to stringent quality control because they are manufactured for the purpose of saving lives!

  • Passionate: Our team is valued as highly as our customers and our reputation - All with a passion for road safety. (Everyone here has been with the Company since its inception!)

  • Hand holding: With Northern Lights Promotions you will be continually informed of progress and timely know what is happening next.

  • Visibly ahead: With Northern Lights Promotions you are in good hands. We've built our reputation on it!

  • See for yourself: Our credentials and testimonials.

northern lights promotions for reflective accessories for sport, leisure and promotion. - Visibly ahead


Call now on 01323 406161 or email us

For international calls: +44 1323 406161


Choose authentic GLOZONE™ quality:
"Because life is too precious to be left to chance" - The Glomeister™

sport relief campaign printed slap wrap

Northern Lights Promotions - "Suppliers of authentic GLOZONE™ reflective slap bands to Comic Relief for Sport Relief

dizzee rascal printed slap wrap for winkball campaign

Northern Lights Promotions - "Chosen for authentic GLOZONE™ reflective slap bands by Goldsmiths University of London/Winkball for their revolutionary online video message sharing software campaigns featuring Dizzee Rascal"

hi viz slap wrap customized for the london biennale festival

"We approached several suppliers for quotes and samples of reflective slap wraps and you have by far the superior product, and the one for us"

- AM, Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects LLP

"You can promote your organization and help save lives as well"

+ more testimonials

GLOZONE™ high visibility reflectors are quality compliant goods that can help save 25 000 lives.

Help save 25000 lives  - European Road Safety Charter

Non-compliant reflectors endanger lives.

Intimidating view, isn't it?

But which will you associate your organization's name and reputation with?

Do not be reckless with  human lives - Buy quality  reflectives

GLOZONE™ European Safety Standard CE EN 13356 - Not toys!


The invaluable breakdown aid below could be promoting your organization as well as protecting the operatives of your fleet.
This is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Safety Standard CE EN 471 as used by professional community service providers like ambulance, police, fire & rescue and highway patrol personnel.

Emergency breakdown high visibility wear to CE EN 471 Class II as used by professional traffic services

We can print the waistcoat your way - even the glove box pouch!


"Health and safety now impact businesses UK-wide, and with GLOZONE™ PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) gifts your stakeholders can all see that you take such real issues seriously"

Promote walks, events and awareness campaigns in your community - With personal high visibility in mind!

Time for outstanding road safety campaigns and unparalleled business promotion opportunities with original GLOZONE™ quality reflectives.


GLOZONE hi-viz reflective promotional merchandise for personal road safety.

For advertising agencies, hospitality and events organizers, promotional gifts companies, PR and marketing executives, brand managers and not least; Community Relations Officers. Awareness campaign wrist bands and accessories, road safety advertising merchandise, promotional slap wrap campaign handouts. Reflective wear, hi-viz leisure wear, high visibility sports accessories, sponsored event giveaways, fundraiser hand-outs, business incentives, corporate gifts and awareness campaign giveaways, with personal road safety products.

All marked, certified and compliant with the all-important Safety Standard CE EN13356. Reflective sports gilets / running vests and emergency roadside breakdown waistcoats to CE EN1150 and CE EN471 respectively.


High viz road safety for families in your community

Our reflective promotional products are certificated and compliant in accordance with Safety Standard CE EN13356 for personal use. Remember! These can save lives!

CE EN 13356 compliance
Buy right
Non-compliant reflective products can't!


Toy reflector look-alikes are dangerous to personal road safety - Buy compliant reflectors

This is worth reading

There is only one kind of reflective promotional gift worth considering

First is best ..more ........

Glowie our high-vis mascot

"Glowie" - our mascot


It's your Organization

Promote it!

It's your reputation

Protect it!

It's your community

Let them know you care!

Take the lead and stand out.




Einstein reflecting

Reflective wrist bands: reflective slap wraps a.k.a. hi-vis slappies and high vis snap bands; reflective armbands, reflective dangling tags a.k.a. dangle tags, hi-vis hang tags and high-vis key rings; reflective stickers: Made using reflective materials in Fluorescent lime and White - The two colours that are up to the Standard for personal road safety!


Glozone reflective business gifts for road safety
Lifesaving hi vis reflectors fit for purpose



Let us show you ways in which we can help trim your costs and make your spend go further. Contact for further info.

Flexibility is our middle name!

We recognize there are occasions that call for smaller campaigns. We offer an MOQ of 250 for printed and 100 for plain reflectors, respectively.


northern lights promotions are UK favourite wholesale suppliers of Glozone reflectives - Passionate about road safety

8 Bridge End High Street Pevensey East Sussex BN24 5JU UK

t: 01323 406161


International enquiries please dial +44 1323 406161

Road accidents and deaths can be prevented with Glozone quality high-vis reflectives

Be decisive on road safety.
Only buy Safety Standard CE EN 13356 certified reflective gifts.

Decade of saving lives in traffic campaign is endorsed by ex-Prime Minister David Cameron

Decade of saving lives in traffic campaign is endorsed by ex-Prime Minister David Cameron

Themed event?

Halloween themed road safety campaign makes fun safe

Themed event? Campaign around a themed time of year? Spectacular business promotion with high-vis road safety in mind.

Try life-saving quality high-vis promotional gifts from the UK's favourite specialist suppliers in 2018.

Let us advise you correctly.

Get in touch! 01323 406161

Original Glozone quality for personal road safety

Make a difference in your own community. We have GLOZONE™ quality light reflecting gifts that are both reflective and high-vis to CE EN 13356.

heart shape reflective high-vis stickers for conspicuity
Click for large photograph

Heart-shape reflective high-vis stickers.

For Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Relations, call to discuss how GLOZONE™ high vis reflectors can fit your bill.


And this season is packed with fun-runs and races:

See the season's guides, region by region, compliments of the guys at runABC:

In the South

The Midlands

The North

In Scotland

The Magna Carta of personal road safety for non- professional use

Link to LinkedIn road safety article on reflectivity and high vis
Click for link

For saving lives in traffic: In both urban and rural settings.

Reflective wristbands used as bicycle clips

Reflective wristbands as bicycle clips


Product links:

Printed and personalized white slap wrap reflectives

Personalized silver / white slap wrap bracelets.

Promotion printed gold lime reflective slap wrap wristbands

Promotion printed gold / lime
reflective wristband slap wraps

Printed high visibility wrist / armbands

Personalized GLOZONE™ reflective arm/wristbands with authentic Velcro® brand fastening.

One size fits all and comes in own pouch for handy glove compartment storage

Here's our special roadside breakdown emergency waistcoat. This one is reflective and high-vis to CE EN 471.

That will even do for motorways!
A must for the glove compartments for your whole fleet.

hi-vis reflective campaign stickers by the sheet

Hi-vis reflective campaign stickers by the sheet for tear or peel-off distribution for their back-packs or clothing - Day glow reflectives that stick to textiles as well as metal.

personalised high-vis key ring pendants hook anywhere

Personalised reflective key-ring pendants / hang-tags / jitterbugs

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Printed goods:

Running a hotel or inn, restaurant or bar? A take-away or pub ? A night club?

Hosting conferences? Seminars? Training sessions? Local exhibition or show?

Leave your guests with something to remember you by - custom hi-viz accessories (personalised for you) for their road safety!


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hi vis bus ticket reflective holder hi vis reflective stickers for road safety campaigns Glozone reflective slap wrap wristbands as your business gift soft high vis wristbands with velcro fastening hi vis jitterbug keyring reflectors for clothing reflective emergency breakdown roadside waistcoat in own glovebox pouch hi vis reflective sports vest for running and more