Personalized printed bespoke  high vis reflectives




Please provide your graphics in any of the following formats and email to us as an attachment.

PC files please - Mac users please call first.

01323 406161

Please choose one of the following file formats with attention to the detail requested:


Note! We need Vectorized digital graphics!

EPS/AI file (Encapsulated Post Script/Adobe Illustrator):

"Convert all/any text/fonts in your graphic to Curves/Outlines" and save as an EPS file or AI file (Adobe CS4 or earlier)

PDF file:

Text/fonts "Converted to Curves/Outlines" and saved as "Ungrouped editable pdf"

CDR file:

Corel Draw (Version 12 or earlier)

WMF - Windows Meta File:

As is


About printing:

  1. Once we have received your graphics we can confirm that they are good for printing.

  2. We will then generate a paper proof for your approval.

  3. This way you can clearly see what your slap wraps or other reflectives will look like before we commence any print work

  4. Print is charged per colour and not by amount of print

Remember our lead time is calculated from the day we are in receipt of your approved proof.


External printing:

Glozone™ reflectors may be personalized on the face (surface), or internally. When they are personalized on the face (surface), they are easily read and they look terrific!

Fig.1: Some ideas for the layout of your graphics and text on slap wraps:

White slap wraps personalized showing  ideas for graphic layout


Internal printing:

When Glozone™ reflectors are printed internally however, there is a strange shimmer across the surface when you look straight at them. By then tilting them slightly in any direction, any logo or message will come more clearly into view across the surface!

This not only looks impressive, but in the advertising world this is said to have the added benefit of "teasing" the human mind with the compulsion to find out what it actually says "behind that shimmering surface".

The belief is that once you have discovered the "hidden message", you will remember it even better!


Fig.2: Illustration outline of the printable area for a given Slap wrap (guide only):

Std. Slap wrap dimensions are 31 x 320mm. Printable area is 26 x 312mm.

XL Slap wrap dimensions are 31 x 380mm. Printable area is 26 x 372mm.

For key ring and sticker shapes the printable area is 3mm in from the welded edge.


Fig.3: Slap wrap with internal print in 2 colours - Looking directly onto it the message is obscured.

Slap-wrap in Fluorescent Lime reflective material with internal print in 2 colours

Fig.4: Same slap wrap tilted slightly and the message becomes clearly visible!

Slap-wrap in Fluorescent Lime with internal print in 2 colours - this time tilted slightly



  • We can also give your slap wrap an internal background colour - Any colour you like!

  • You can then have your logo and /or text printed on that coloured background. This extends the colour choice of your personalized slap wraps.

  • We do this using White outer reflective material as this is very transparent (transluscent), so the inner colour shows through!




Fig.5: Illustration: Colour swatch
Illustration: Colour swatch



Fig.6: White high vis key fobs with interally printed background colours

Click image for large image
Keyrings with interally printed background colours





Which colour would you like?

Please contact for details:

+44 (0)1323 406161



Printing on the back:

Our dangle tags / hang-tags / jitter bugs above (Fig.5) can be printed on both sides.

But so too can our slap wraps / slap bands*

This is useful for your telephone number and/or URL (website address).

On the slap wraps this means the flock/velour side - the side next to the skin when worn.

* Please note that because of the rubbing onto the skin, print here will wear away over time, with wear.


Fig.7: Slap wrap printed on the back (flock/velour) side

Slap wrap printed on the back:  flock-velour side

* Please note that because of the rubbing onto the skin, print here will wear away over time, with normal wear.


  • Please note that when there is a lot of print (lots of block-text or large solid logos etc), we will advise you to print internally to retain maximum reflectivity.

  • We have specially developed software that calculates the extent of reflectivity to ensure our reflectives stay compliant with the all-important european safety standard CE EN 13356. This way Glozone™ reflectives can always retain reflectivity beyond the call of EN 13356, which makes them invaluable reflective road safety accessories for the wearer/user.

  • Please also note that there may be the odd occasion where an exact colour match is not achievable in the case of printing on Fluorescent Lime reflectives.

  • To this end, whenever the Pantone number(s) of your logo(s) are known, letting us have your Pantone (colour) number(s) will usually take care of this. However, as with all printed Glozone™ reflectors, you will first



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