Trusted favourite reflective slap wraps for personal road safety


Reflective high viz slap wrap wristbands:

Standard shapes and sizes available


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The following Slap wrap shapes and dimensions are available from standard tools at no added cost:

(Please note the following graphics are not to scale)

Our Standard Slap wrap is 31 x 320mm : Printable area is 26 x 312mm approximately.

standard slap wraps for children and grown-ups alike
      Standard slap wraps are recommended for children and grown-ups alike.

Winter-length Slap wrap is 31 x 380mm : Printable area is 26 x 372mm approximately.

winter-length slap wrap
      XL Winter-length slap wraps are recommended for over winter coats. Also preferred by some cyclists.

Wide-cut Slap wrap - Now discontinued.

extra wide slap wrap
      Wide slap wraps are made for cutting (special tooling required) bespoke shapes for special orders.

Please note, the Wide-cut slap wrap shape above allows for customized cutting of pre-determined designs by creating a new, customized tool for that purpose, at an extra one-off charge. However, the wide-cut shape as seen here is available as a Standard Shape from an existing tool at no added cost!


Please do not hesitate to contact us with regards to print and layout queries - We're here to help.



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